AAUW Scholarship Selection Committee
Rules and Selection Guidelines

Program Description

The AAUW Scholarship Program will provide a single payment funded scholarship of $1,000-$1,500 to a female University student demonstrating high academic leadership. The application specifies what type of degree program is currently being considered.

Eligibility Requirements for Funding

  1. Be a Pennsylvania resident and a U.S.citizen. A student’s residency and citizenship status are determined by the institution.
  2. Not be in default under any state or federal grant, load, or scholarship program.
  3. Submit an official transcript (minimum GPA 3.5).
  4. Submit a current resume or curriculum vitae.
  5. Proof of Community Service. Students are expected to have performed some community service.
  6. Two Letters of Reference. It is expected that reference letters are to be provided by professors, instructors, and/or research advisors who know the student academically. One of the two letters may be provided as a result of community service.
  7. Essay/Abstract. An essay of some 1,000 words needs to be submitted clearly explaining why the student believes she should receive the scholarship and explain how she would benefit from the scholarship. In addition, the student needs to provide an abstract of a minimum of 500 words explaining the student’s research and how the research would impact society.
  8. Copy of course schedule for the semester awarded.
  9. Complete and submit the AAUW application form found on this Web site.


  1. All students must agree to and meet the policy of the AAUW Scholarship Committee.
  2. Meeting all of the above conditions does not ensure an award of an AAUW scholarship as scholarships are given on a competitive basis.
  3. Students having a financial need shall be given consideration first.
  4. No portion of any scholarship may be applied to past due accounts.
  5. The Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Branch of AAUW board shall be the final decision for awarding any scholarship.

Applications are now closed.